What We Do

Synaptis provides customized learning solutions for firms seeking expertise in mission critical projects, from enterprise wide ERP systems to leadership and soft skills.  Our blended approach to training is flexible and highlights the many learning styles of your employees.


Business Application Training & Solutions

Our mission is to provide customized training solutions for anything from Oracle and SAP ERP systems, to cloud applications like Workday HCM or Salesforce CRM, or even proprietary systems. We design and develop training programs for our client’s who are looking to update their software to a new version, switch to a new platform, or everything in between. Our programs are for firms that are changing the way they do business and are looking to maximize employee efficiency as during the transition. We listen to your needs and design what works for you. We have been successfully delivering training solutions for some of Fortune’s 500/1000 top companies since we opened our doors in 1999.

Solution Delivery

Synaptis brings the ability to run full scope projects, putting together full training teams to run projects from early needs analysis to the design of a full learning strategy, to the development of customized learning materials. Some clients that may be handling pieces of these projects internally, may turn to Synaptis to provide individual contributors with deep expertise to support their new system, or to provide consultative advice around overall strategy.


UPK Services

While the Synaptis team works with a variety of development tools, including Captivate, Epilogue, Articulate, uPerform to name a few, our history partnering with Oracle and their customers have allowed us to compile industry leading knowledge around Oracle’s User Productivity Kit. This deep expertise allows us to provide services in three areas.

Customized Training Classes– These customizable 3-4 day classes typically cover both developer and administrator training for clients who may not have internal expertise. We additionally have created UPK Service agreements with our clients, that give us opportunities for continuing education on changes to the tool and keep internal developers skills honed. Email Marketing@Synaptis.com for a sample class outline.

Technical Upgrade and Enablement Services– Our senior technical consultants can assess a client’s environment, and preform installation upgrade and enablement services. This allows clients to get their software on the latest version of UPK, ensuring the best compatibility with other enterprise applications.

Development Services– Synaptis consultants are highly skilled in entering a new environment, identifying a client’s best practices and business processes, and working with internal subject matter experts to design and develop engaging and informative systems training utilizing our proven methodology. Our goal is to interact seamlessly with internal teams, creating UPK simulations with maximum efficiency.


CIS Systems

Synaptis has consultants with a deep focus on supporting Utilities companies revamping their CIS or MDM systems, and bring the ability to support the types of rollouts these systems require.

Our Approach

Synaptis consultants use proven industry methods.

5-D Methodology

Synaptis utilizes a 5-D Methodology to identify who will be trained, what will be taught, when it will happen, where it will take place, why it is needed, and how the training will be delivered. This systematic approach enables us to blend the needs of the learner with desired business objectives in an efficient and effective manner. At Synaptis, we understand that learning does not take place by happy accident; instead, it must be skillfully planned, through the use of task analysis, educational theory, and multimedia principles to ensure alignment of objectives, interactions, and assessments throughout the entire training curriculum.

Synaptis 5-D Methodology

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