What We Do

Looking for a long-term contractor to add bandwidth to your team? Let our highly trained staff find the right fit. We are not staffing generalists. In order to identify the top talent in the industry, Synaptis puts each candidate through a comprehensive vetting process developed by our Senior Learning Specialists. Each candidate is subjected to a minimum of two internal interviews to gauge technical proficiency, methodology, and cultural fit for our customers. The next step is a detailed reference check, in which we confirm project details and involvement. Candidates are only promoted for client review after passing this extensive process. Synaptis saves you valuable time by only presenting the top talent in the industry for review.


Synaptis employs a uniquely flexible engagement model and guarantees a perfect fit.

Flexible Engagement

Synaptis consultants provide workflow stabilization by acting as an overflow valve for your internal training team. By leveraging our resources for short-term engagements, clients are able to reduce overall workload and eliminate backlog without the costs and utilization requirements associated with full-time employees. Our experienced consultants also provide valuable insight on long-term engagements, like complex implementations. The Synaptis Flexible Engagement model allows clients to decide when and for how long to engage our consultants. By using Synaptis during peak workflow periods, our customers prevent employee overloading and maintain project deadlines.

Guaranteed Fit

We have 18 years of training project experience, which is why we consistently outperform our competition. We seek beyond resumes and job descriptions, leveraging robust resources and industry experience to find the most qualified candidates. Typical staffing companies source a variety of positions, but they lack the processes or experience to properly vet candidates, which can lead to high turnover and lost time. By properly vetting our consultants and carefully matching them to your needs, we give you the right candidate, not a new resume every week. If our resource isn’t a perfect fit in the first 30 days, we will refund a percentage of your rate.

Flexible Engagement + Guaranteed Fit = Synaptis FlexFit.

Our Approach

Synaptis consultants use proven industry methods.

5-D Methodology

Synaptis utilizes a 5-D Methodology to identify who will be trained, what will be taught, when it will happen, where it will take place, why it is needed, and how the training will be delivered. This systematic approach enables us to blend the needs of the learner with desired business objectives in an efficient and effective manner. At Synaptis, we understand that learning does not take place by happy accident; instead, it must be skillfully planned, through the use of task analysis, educational theory, and multimedia principles to ensure alignment of objectives, interactions, and assessments throughout the entire training curriculum.

Synaptis 5-D Methodology

Agile Learning

Sometimes a methodical, linear approach isn’t always possible. In this case, Synaptis uses an Agile Learning approach that focuses on speed and flexibility to rapidly develop content. Synaptis consultants are highly proficient in the use of rapid eLearning development tools such as Captivate, Storyline, and Camtasia to quickly develop adaptive templates that can be updated as needed to ensure content relevancy for years to come.

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