Often, business application projects are some of the largest and most complex types of projects that an organization can embark on. They blend the technical and functional knowledge of business SME’s, changes in processes with HR functions, with IT teams identifying how to stand the whole thing up.

Beyond the system changing, organizations will have new best practices and functionality that may not have been possible with previous systems.

All of this can lead to a perfect storm as it relates to the end user, creating tension between the front-line employees, who may have had a system that worked perfectly well for them, and senior leadership.

Let’s talk through the first step in making this type of project launch successfully.

The initial key to focus on is why the organization needed to invest in a new system. It’s easier for an individual to understand and embrace change when they are given some insight into strategy. The new system may reduce infrastructure costs, or allow employees to be more efficient.

When rolling out a new Oracle CC&B system to a recent client, and for the vast majority of our major initiatives, we utilize an incremental user training strategy. This allows us to divide out the topics into “Solution” “Scenario” “Role” and “Exception”.

A great area that helps close this internal divide is by diving into “Solution”. For this CC&B system project we were replacing legacy systems, and the client had identified a variety of cost saving and customer service benefits the new system would give them. By leveraging an initial focus on explaining these reasons allows us to drive an understanding of the strategy behind the project, align both leadership and front-line employees, and take the first step toward a successful implementation.

Making sure that the alignment of all parties is a great first step toward making your implementation successful. Synaptis consultants bring deep experience in both Change alignment and training strategy design, along with deep content development experience, ensuring we can provide the best results when critical projects are on the line.


-Will Evans


Editor’s Note:  Will Evans is a Learning Solutions Manager at Synaptis.  His years of experience, deep knowledge of the L&D space, and drive to help your company’s projects succeed has made him one of Synaptis top employees.  You can reach him at wevans@synaptis.com.  Come and find out what Will and the rest of us can do for your business application needs today! (ERP, HCM, CRM, CIS, CC&B and more)