The streamers have been swept up, and predictably, we had to commandeer a kazoo from a team member who was a bit too reluctant to relinquish it. The Synaptis website redesign launch is now complete and we are grateful for all of the page views and notes of congratulatory support. As we said in our last post, our goal is to communicate our success in partnering with clients to fulfill their specific needs. We are continuing this exercise in this week’s post, as we talk about the Synaptis 5-D Methodology.

As background, our 5-D Methodology emerged from the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, Evaluate) model, a long-accepted foundation in Instructional Design. When we present prospective clients with the Synaptis version (Discovery, Design, Development, Delivery, Determine Results), we communicate two main implications:

First, because we adapted the standard ADDIE model, we can state with confidence that at Synaptis, we are in sync with all of the best practices and industry standards in the staffing and training sphere. We fully comprehend that clients expect industry norms, protocols, and language – and we can deliver.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, we are unafraid to tailor processes to best suit our unique expertise. We took the ADDIE model and turned it into the 5-D Methodology because we felt it better fit Synaptis. In turn, we intuitively knew that it would better fit our clients.

Although our 5-D steps are deliberately self-evident (and really catchy), we will take a moment here to summarize each one:

5d model

  1. Discovery: When you think about a discovery, you think about an “A-ha moment.” But for us, the evaluation and learning process begins with due diligence to diagnose your needs and propose a solution.
  2. Design: From the ground up, and in symbiosis with the client, we draft the program as a direct result of what we learned in Discovery.
  3. Development: We take the lead and collaborate with the client to build the training deliverables, from eLearning to instructor guides and scripts.
  4. Delivery: Whether it’s classroom, virtual, mobile, or standalone, this is where you see your curriculum in action.
  5. Determine Results: We could have used another “D” word here—data—because we go to great lengths to use objective measures to determine success.

In terms of client feedback, we consistently hear the following regarding the Synaptis 5-D Methodology:

  • It is common sense because rather than reinventing the wheel, the Synaptis team just makes it spin more smoothly.
  • It solves challenges because the Synaptis process addresses all possible process inputs and outputs.
  • It adds value because the Synaptis methods eliminate wasted resources.
  • It provides refreshing perspective because the Synaptis experts enter with experience.

Our site relaunch was a great opportunity to refocus our message, but as you can see, we have always and will always deliver our services with singularity, precision, and energy.

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