There is no perfect analogous situation to best describe the process of constructing a new company website. Of course many of you have experienced your own site launches—and all of the corresponding satisfaction (and relief). At Synaptis, each of our team members fully participated in the process, and in doing so, became part builder, part mover, part communicator, and part designer. Our goals were to help users visit, tour, and learn.

We could probably liken the whole undertaking to moving from one office to another. You know the drill: you use the opportunity to get rid of obsolete objects, pack all that is vital (and a few knick-knacks unique to your company identity), turn up in your new building, and set up shop. You take the time to put important items and tools in places where they will be more visible and efficient. The most important part of your business—your people—populate the new space and begin working, perhaps after a brief celebration.

In the same way, we at Synaptis have taken the opportunity to refine our messages, find better places for articles, and “move” our team forward. (We will not divulge whether or not there was a gala celebration.) Even with all of the necessary upgrades and changes to our online presence, in the end, we retained our core values. We realized that a website is a mosaic of words, pictures, and videos, of essentially “communication”, and we are best served by continuing to communicate why we have been successful and how we can help our clients.

So, in our first three blog posts on our brand-new site, we will clearly lay out the key pieces to our Synaptis client interaction paradigm. We will start with our FlexFit engagement model, then our “5-D” Methodology, and conclude with Agile Learning.

In short, the Synaptis FlexFit model allows our clients to partner with us by matching their precise needs with our versatile resources. It is important to note that as their needs change, so do our services, ensuring conservation of time and money.

In terms of feedback, we have consistently received the following four pieces of feedback regarding our FlexFit model:

  1. The Synaptis tiered approach to cost and billing has been greatly appreciated. It allows clients to contract for exactly their needs, and as they change and evolve, so does our pricing.
  2. At Synaptis, we understand the difference between training and education that is “must have” and “nice to have.” We can and will deliver both, but most importantly, we work with clients so that they are prepared to meet their deadlines and milestones.
  3. The Synaptis team thrives in turbulent situations. Every client has “a plan”, but often there are disruptions in software, scheduling, and needs. We have demonstrated time and again that we will adjust, think on our feet, and consistently meet your needs.
  4. With Synaptis at a client’s side, they have the security that the job—however small or large, however complicated or straightforward—will be executed. Our long and distinguished track record speaks for itself.

Thank you for visiting us at our new location, for looking around, and hearing our messages.

We Survived Our Launch!

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