An internal process assessment is instructive after the completion of any project—even if it simply anecdotal and largely undocumented. At Synaptis, we have been thinking about how our website relaunch came to be, and all of the necessary steps we took along the way. We discovered an interesting fact about our process in the midst of all of our conversations about the website: originally, we had put together a timeline for the design and implementation, but that much of it changed along the way. The important part of our self-discovery was that the modifications to our original plan were necessary, and ultimately led to better end result.

The entire experience was parallel to—and here comes the part where we can’t really help ourselves and relate everything to instructional design—the overall differences between our 5D Methodology and our Agile Learning approach.

In other words, we had a firm plan at the outset, but it became clear that a website re-design demanded constant shifting to ensure success. Our ever-shifting ideas, roles, and deadlines pushed us away from a linear project approach to one that could be rapidly modified. Thankfully for us, we knew exactly how to proceed because our work with clients is grounded in flexibility and agility.

In our Agile Learning approach, we are able to deliver pinpoint accuracy and timing to our clients because we evolve as they evolve. In this way, we are able to provide relevance at every step in the learning process. Often, we will use and re-purpose existing content to assist the client in achieving literacy and competence in a fluid environment. In short, an Agile Learning approach differs from our time-tested 5D Methodology because the design and development phases run simultaneously.

The Agile Learning approach, although less rigidly structures, is an ideal fit for clients whose process is “in process.” In terms of feedback, we have consistently heard the following regarding Agile Learning:

  1. The Synaptis team understands that sometime being “street smart” is better than being “book smart”—although we would like to believe that we bring both; we enter custom environments, realize what knowledge and skills are needed, and provide them without being gratuitous
  2. The Synaptis team is able isolate pain points and immediately address them; our experience allows us to anticipate the areas that could be stumbling blocks
  3. The Synaptis team is able to integrate with the client group and fit in; once again, we have professionals who are able to mesh with our client teams because they have done it so many times in the past
  4. The Synaptis team fosters optimal interaction with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs); we understand the value of their time and are able to rapidly get them up to speed without expending extra resources

At Synaptis, we want you to know that we practice what we preach, both externally with clients, and internally with our own team. Our Agile Learning approach led to the creation of this website itself, and we are grateful that you took the time to visit us.

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